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Animal Welfare - Sweden 2003-06-26

We received this email today at RescuePet. If anyone has any information/contact/advice about animal welfare organisations in Sweden, please contact me at [email protected] so I can pass it on.

As this email was sent privately, the email address is withheld to protect the privacy of the sender.


Hi, my name is Acquanetta I�m currently from Alabama and Oklahoma, but now I�m living in Sweden. I have a problem, the other day I stopped at a greenhouse that is have a fantastic sale on flowers. I walked into one section and there were several cages with birds in them, cockatiel, finches, parakeet and a miner bird. I got so sick, it smelled awful. The birds had only very nasty water, there was no food in the cages and one cockatiel was shaking and most of its feathers are gone. I am an animal lover (especially birds) and this has really made me sick.

Now, I�ve contacted several places here, the animal rights, one lady that I understand is with the rescue and the last I�ve heard nothing. The first two referred me to another and with no response I don�t know what to do. With you being a rescue pet org. I was hoping you might know of a rescue service here in Sweden. If I don�t find someone soon the birds are going to die. I think there are 8 or 9, but they deserve a better life and a chance to live.

Can you help me? Thanks for your time.


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