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Animal Rights In The European Constitution 2003-05-15

Today, RescuePet received the following letter from the 'People for Animal Rights Germany' organisation. I urge you to click on the banner above and sign their on-line petition for the inclusion of animal rights in the European Constitution.

Dear colleagues and friends,

not much time is left and we kindly urge you to make every effort to

achieve the inclusion of ANIMAL WELFARE into the EU Constitution.

As you may know representatives of the EU member states and all the

states that will join the European Union in 2004 and 2007 are working

in the so called EU Convention to draft an EU Constitution, which

shall be passed at he end of 2003 in Rom. A first draft of the

Constitution, which did not include animal welfare, was already

presented in February. Three amendments to incorporate animal welfare

as an union objective are already presented to the Presidium by two

members of the Convention. Until the end of May the Presidium and the

members of the Convention will agree on a second draft. You can imagine

that most of the Convention members don't think animal welfare has to

become an union objective. And that's exactly the point where we have

to raise our voices to convince the Convention members, that animal

welfare has to become an union objective in the Constitution.

How can you help, which efforts can you make?

**We prepared everything** What is left for you to do is the following:

Please have a look at There you find

a petition to sign and all the information you need to forward this


Please support this campaign by installing the banner on your website

Please make as many people as possible sign the petition.

Please decide to be listed up as a participating organisation on the

homepage (you find the list when you

click the left button at the top of the website, after you have chosen

the language).

Why the petitons are so urgently needed?

The petitions are the most important mean to attract the Convention's

attention. A first batch of the petition letters will be handed over

to the Presidium of the Convention at the End of May - but the project

will continue to the Governmental Conference, which will take place in


Each petition is supporting the demand of inclusion Animal Welfare into

the EU Constitution. Each state should be presented by a representative

number of signed petitions. As you see on the website, many EU states

haven't yet sent a sufficient number of petitions. There is not much

time left to change it.

We ask you with insistence to support the incorporation of Animal

Welfare in the EU Constitution and to join the campaign. We would be

happy to welcome you as a participating organisation on the website.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

[email protected].

We are looking forward to receiving your answer at your earliest


Kind regards

Dr. Christiane Cronjaeger

Matthias Boller

Fon +49 6751 950 391

Fax +49 6751 950 392

[email protected]

People for Animal Rights Germany

Menschen fuer Tierrechte - Bundesverband der Tierversuchsgegner e.V.

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