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Welcome to the RescuePet diary! 2003-03-11

Welcome to the RescuePet diary. This is an experiment really...a cynical attempt to boost the search engine ratings for the main RescuePet site: RescuePet

I noticed that I was getting a lot of links to my personal diary from search engines and went to investigate. I found that my diary was getting ridiculously high (top 5) ratings for some fairly obscure words. I concluded that this was because diaryland has about 800,000 members, thus 800,000 different websites within the domain. Search engines have a way of knowing how interlinked sites are an base their rankings on this sort of thing.

Thus the RescuePet diaryland experiment...

I also thought that this might add a bit of interest for those people who have been so supportive of RescuePet over the last couple of years.

I decided that RescuePet needs to be more interactive in order to grow and gain in popularity. (Remember: popularity=animals adopted=lives saved). No...I am not an ego freak...I just passionately believe that RescuePet can make a difference.

The other strategy I plan to experiment with is a discussion board for RescuePet. It is now up and functional at I have to do a lot of configuring before we integrate it into the site though. Feel free to have a play meanwhile...but I will probably wipe down the database before launch, so please dont write anything important that you want kept just yet.

Please feel free to leave notes and give me your thoughts on RescuePet. Ideas for improving it and helping save animals are very welcome.

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