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- 2004-07-18

Newsletter from Romanian shelter, sent to RescuePet.


ROLDA Newsletter-July 2004

Romanian media about strays killed and �served� as food to lions at ZOO!!!!

I was shocked reading in the most known local newspaper from Galatzi that dogs are killed with sticks and with others �human� methods�but this might not be any surprise for all of you,who didn�t bored to keep read my appeals in the last few years!

The real shocking part is more a bad horror movie�scene than a thing that each normal human being can think of�it�s worse than a nightmare and it�s over my capacity to keep try understand humans�cruelty!!!!

In �Viata Libera� newspaper from 13/07/2004 there is a confession made by persons who assisted to this atrocious act: strays from Romanian authorities�pounds are �served� as food to wild animals from ZOO�s!!!!

Wild animals are tortured often in Romanian ZOO�s,left without food ,water�without veterinary care�not to mention about particulary conditions of each habitat that are not respected and assured!

Romanian authorities found a new way of making �disappear� dogs from streets and also provide food for animals at ZOO:�Caretakers� are killing in secret dogs and than dogs�bodies are given to lions for..dinner!!!

I�m going to translate small quotes from article appeared in the local newspaper:

�My name is Alina Ionescu Cerei,I�m a teacher at a school from Tecuci-Galatzi county and (�)daily I�m going to put flowers at the cemetery,where all my family found the peace.Sadly,next to the Cemetery-there is local ZOO,where poor animals are kept in prison in poor conditions.In the same area,there is a small City Hall pound where few hundred dogs are kept without water and food�.Yesterday,passing near that area I�ve heard terrible sounds and when I arrived closer,I assisted at a horrific scene:four persons killing with sticks few dogs from pound �they were laughing ,saying that there is a competition-whom will kill quicklier more dogs�.

One man came near me..he didn�t stopped but he said �they (dogs) are �dinner� for lions �.�

It seems that this method is an old practice here because I�ve heard from others the same things but I didn�t want to believe��Caretakers� throw dead bodies in a box that was transported near the door..and when one finally saw me,he said�Hey,what�s happening�.Move!Move!!!�

In Romania,neither the law neither the spirit of law regarding dogs isn�t respected�humans don�t take the responsibility for dogs living on streets..even if there are many animal�lovers in my town,for ex.

How can I comment such a thing ..being not an animal�lover,but a human being who like to respect all living creatures and like to be respected(but it�s hard to have demands to be respected when humans�savage went so far!)� there is no law by my side to legally punish those criminals �.and none justice will be ever done here in animals�interest!

ROLDA contacted local authorities and they(of course!)denied all these atrocious facts,they denied that dogs are given as food to lions from ZOO!!!

Still,teens witnesses can sustain the contrairly�

I daily try to SAVE lives�.sometimes,I don�t think "rationally" and I hang on any hope to fight for a very sick animal and make him healthy again..what for?!

I hardly am able to put the healthy animal back on streets and I discover him dead ,hit by car,beaten by humans�

The poor stray from picture is safe now�She is only a �small example �of what�s happening here daily ,she is one from many dogs are injured and hurted�for most of them,time is essential and each minute is important because it means a life saved�or not!

ROLDA is taking care of dogs with permanent handicaps,just borned puppies,dogs in temporarly need of veterinary assistance�we also are trying to assure daily basic needs for more than 1,000(!!!!)strays crowded in our town-Galatzi City Hall pounds�.1,000 dogs kept in prison in 85 kennels(2 square metters/each kennel)!!!

As plans for future,we would like to buy a rescue van,to build a veterinary clinic that will offer free sterilisation programs for homeless animals,to build others ROLDA small shelters for disabled dogs in all major Romania�cities,to have a mobile sterilization clinic, to extend our educative program at national level,�

Since our rescue old van is broken,our daily activity is slower than ever�.I �m asking this time YOUR support !

ROLDA desperately need a rescue van to continue our daily activity:we need a van to transport injured dogs to our ,to transport food to City Hall pounds and to transport dogs and supplies to our shelter!!!!

We need your support!!!!Any donation is IMPORTANT and very appreciated!!!!

Please donate secure online by clicking this link:


or by using the PayPal button from our website:

There is more than one way to help Romanian strays:

Beside financially donations,we desperately accept any dogs supplies �.we also encourage our supporters to:

*Volunteer for your holidays at ROLDA�shelter!!!!

*Write an add in local newspaper about ROLDA�urgent needs!

*Write an article in the local newspaper and inform readers about Romanian strays situation!

*Organise a fundraising event in your area:it will be fun and in the same time,you�ll help hundreds of innocents animals!

*Print and spread out our leaflets and brochures!

We also need any dog item but especially:

-Blankets and towels(various size)

-Blades and clippers

-Scissors for pre-surgery use

-Surgery fields(operation camps)

-Disinfectant and cleaning supplies for kennels


-Antibiotics for wounds ,�

-Deparasitation products,

-Elastic bandages

-Sterile bandages of any type!!!

-An (used) blood analizer machine

Order TODAY our CD that includes a video presentation of ROLDA shelter(the best from Eastern Europe according to �Animal People� US Newspaper!!!)!!!!The CD will be freely sent to you!!!!

The suggested donation is 30$.ROLDA materiels(brochure,leaflets,�) included in the package!

Thank you for care about romanian strays!!!



ROLDA Romania


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